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Join Us With Thousands of New Yorkers to Rally Against Fracking and For Renewable Energy at Governor Cuomo's State of the State Address in Albany, NY!

204,000 Comments Delivery

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

 11:30AM - 3:00PM

Empire State Plaza

Hallways to the Concourse

S Mall Arterial

Albany, NY 12242

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Governor Cuomo has said he intends to make a decision about fracking before the 2014 election. That's why it's critical that we show up in force at his State of the State address - the most important political event of the new year - to demand a ban on fracking!

That's the only way that New York will remain frack-free - if we show up and make our voices heard. That's why we are inviting everyone across the state to join us in Albany on Wednesday, January 8th outside of Governor Cuomo's annual State of the State Address to rally against fracking and for renewable energy.
We remain at a critical crossroads - on the fate of New York and the nation. In one direction is fracking, leading to further catastrophic dependence on fossil fuels. That path is lined with drill rigs, contaminated rivers and water wells, smog and toxic air, dangerous pipelines and poisoned farms. It leads to a future with worse climate change, super storms and public health disasters.

In the other direction - Governor Cuomo and the people of New York say to no to fracking and instead embrace renewable energy. That path leads to good jobs, healthy families, and sustainable homes and communities. New York can step up and show the nation and the world a place where people can live, work and thrive without dirty and dangerous extreme energy.  

What: Rally Against Fracking and For Renewable Energy Outside Governor Cuomo's State of the State Address

Who: New Yorkers Against Fracking, Frack Action, Food & Water Watch, Citizen Action NY, NYPIRG, MoveOn, Catskill Mountainkeeper, United for Action, NYH2O, Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy, Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter, Shaleshock, Sane Energy Project, Environmental Advocates, Environment NY, Occupy the Pipeline, Save the Southern Tier and many more! (see list in formation here

When: Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

Time: 11:30AM - 3:00PM

Where: Hallways to the Concourse in the Empire State Plaza, S Mall Arterial, Albany, NY 12242

Please RSVP and Invite Your Friends on Facebook!

Sign Up for The Bus From Locations Across the State!

**Contact Renee Vogelsang at to co-sponsor, volunteer or with questions or comments.

Just look around the world and you can see we are in the 11th hour of the climate crisis. Its up to us to turn things around and head down a path of clean water, clean air, clean food and healthy communities. Every single one of you who shows up in Albany on January 8th will make the difference. 

See you in Albany on January 8th!

Renee, John, and Julia 
Frack Action

Saturday, December 7, 2013

New Yorkers Against Fracking: Message from Wes Gillingham

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Hi, folks –

This has been an amazing week of powerful actions – and momentum is building for the State of the State rally in Albany on January 8.
  • On Tuesday night, more than 700 people rallied for a ban on fracking outside of Governor Cuomo’s birthday fundraiser in Manhattan. Peter Yarrow led us in song, and dozens of college students helped blare our chants loudly and proudly. Check out this short YouTube video of part of the rally, and check out the photo.
  • On Tuesday evening, 75 people packed a public hearing in Buffalo in support of a ban on fracking and fracking waste on Erie County lands. We delivered nearly 4,000 petition signatures in support of the bill. Check out the photos.
  • Tuesday, children from different states in the Delaware Valley presented the Commissioners of the Delaware River Basin Commission with an album of over 400 photos of the watershed. These photos were taken by activists to celebrate the two-year anniversary of the ongoing moratorium and show their support for turning that moratorium into a ban.  Check out the video and check out the photos.
  • On Wednesday, we delivered more than 50,000 public comments opposing proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) regulations. We held a press conference urging Cuomo to withdraw the dangerous, ill-advised rules, and then delivered dozens of boxes of comments to the DEC’s headquarters. Read some of the coverage in the Wall Street Journal, the Gannett Newspapers and the Times Union.
Between now and January 8 we need to do two things. First, spend well-deserved time with friends and family during the holidays. Second, ensure that the State of the State rally is MASSIVE.

The fate of our state could be decided in 2014. Cuomo says he’ll announce a decision on fracking before the November elections. New York is at a crossroads, and on January 8, we must send a loud message to Cuomo: Not one well!

Sign up and spread the word on Facebook.

Register for a bus to Albany – from all parts of the state.

Together, we are going to win!

-- Wes and the NYAF Team
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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Frack Fighters in Otsego County NY

Advocates for Morris is not alone in its efforts to protect our community from hydrofracking.  Check out the list below of some of our fellow "frackfighters" around Otsego County.   Groups such as ours are springing up all over the State--and around the U.S. & the World!

In Otsego County, our coordinating group is the Coalition Against Unsafe Drilling (CAUD), led by Otsego 2000.  Our regional coordinator is Catskill Mountainkeeper; and the statewide coordinating organization is New Yorkers Against Fracking

Advocates for Cherry Valley
Advocates for Morris
Advocates for Springfield
Butternut Valley Alliance
Concerned Burlington Neighbors
Concerned Citizens of Oneonta
Concerned Citizens of Otego
Crumhorn Lake Association
Environmental Activism Club, SUNY Oneonta
First Presbyterian Church, Cooperstown
Fly Creek Neighbors
Friends of Butternuts
Middlefield Neighbors
Milford DOERS/Crumhorn Mountain Neighbors
New Lisbon Neighbors
Otsego Neighbors (Otsego & Fly Creek)
Protect Laurens
Protect Pittsfield
Residents of Crumhorn
Roseboom ROAR
Sustainable Otsego
Unadilla Friends and Neighbors
Upper Unadilla Valley Association, Plainfield
Westford Neighbors
Worcester Neighbors

Add to this list "FLEASED," "Stop the Pipeline," and the anti-frack communications media of Action Otsego, Otsego Coalition, and Sustainable Otsego.

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Catskill Mountainkeeper (CMK) launched the "Community Fracking Defense Project, " a joint effort through which legal and policy assistance will be provided to towns and local governments, residents, and citizens groups, working to reaffirm communities' rights to protect themselves under State law.

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Front Page News: "Allstadt, Northrup Say Too Little Gas Underground Here!  There will be no hydrofracking in Otsego County. Period!"

Check out the November 8, 2013 edition of Hometown Oneonta and the Freeman's Journal!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

NRDC and Advocates for Morris Town of Morris FOIL Appeal

40 West 20th Street PO Box 177
11th Floor Morris, NY 13808
New York, NY 10011 (607) 263-5600
(212) 727-2700

TO: Linda Ewing
Town of Morris Town Clerk
93 Main Street
Morris, NY 13808
(607) 263-5944

September 25, 2013

Dear Ms. Ewing:

This letter follows our September 24, 2013 conversation discussing the Natural Resources
Defense Council’s (“NRDC”) and the Advocates for Morris’ Freedom of Information Law
(“FOIL”) request of August 22, 2013. We received a response to that request on September 12,
2013.1 Thank you for your response, and for your help in answering our questions.

Per our conversation, we write to appeal the Town of Morris’ (the “Town”) determination that

there are no “agreements/leases/communications etc., in regards to any of the matters listed in

your letter.” We appeal under the New York Freedom of Information Law, Article 6 of the
Public Officers Law Section 89(4)(a). Section 89(4)(a) provides that “any person denied access
to a record may within thirty days appeal in writing such denial to the head, chief executive or
governing body of the entity, or the person therefor designated by such head, chief executive, or
governing body.” That head, chief executive, governing body, or designee shall “within ten
business days of the receipt of such appeal fully explain in writing to the person requesting the
record the reasons for further denial, or provide access to the record sought.”

I) Description of Appeal

We appeal on the belief that there are responsive documents within the Town’s possession and
control that should have been included in the Town’s response to our August 22, 2013 request.
On information and belief, those responsive documents include:

1) Records2 or communications exchanged between the Independent Oil and Gas
Association and the Town related to the matters outlined in our August 22, 2013 request,3
and any related Town records;
2) Records or communications exchanged between Delta Engineers, Architects, & Land
Surveyors, P.C., and the Town related to preparing for potential natural gas extraction,
production, storage, or transportation in the Town, and any related Town records;
3) Records or communications between the Central New York Landowner’s Coalition
(“CNY Landowner’s Coalition”) and the Town related to the matters outlined in our
August 22, 2013 request, and any related Town records. On information and belief, this
includes records or communications relating to a meeting between former Board Member
Philip Wagner and the CNY Landowner’s Coalition which occurred on or about February
4, 2012;
4) Records or communications relating to a meeting which Supervisor McCann and former
Board Member Philip Wagner attended about gas drilling and home rule on or about June
24, 2011;
5) Records or communications exchanged between Town officials themselves relating to the
matters outlined in our August 22, 2013 request. On information and belief, this includes
records of or communications about forming a committee to address gas drilling, about
holding an informational forum on gas drilling, and about researching gas drilling. These
subjects, on information and belief, were discussed a Town Board meeting on or about
July 12, 2011;
6) Materials submitted to the Town regarding bans on natural gas extraction by pro-natural
gas extraction supporters on or about October 11, 2011, and any related Town records.
Attached are materials we received from other sources that we believe are responsive to our
August 22, 2013 request. It is materials like this, and records related to such materials, that we
believe may be responsive.

We also respectfully request that the Town include in their response any and all other documents
the Town believes, upon further review, are responsive to our August 22, 2013 request.

II) Request for Fee and Copying Flexibility

Please consult with NRDC before undertaking any action that would cause the Town to levy a
fee under Public Officers Law Article 6 Section 87(1)(c). Please provide NRDC with notice of

the number of responsive documents before engaging in acts for which a fee would be owed, for
example, making copies. Please also make any responsive documents available, on Town
premises, for inspection. Finally, we also request that, wherever possible, copies of all responsive
records be provided in electronic format.

III) Conclusion

We look forward to your response within ten (10) business days of receipt of this letter, as
provided by Public Officers Law Section 89(4)(a).
Subject to Section II, above, please produce the records requested by emailing or mailing them to
us at the NRDC office address listed below. If you decline to produce any portion of our request,
please inform us of the reasons for the denial in writing as provided for by Public Officers Law
Section 89(4)(a). We also remind you that the Public Officers Law requires the Town to forward
a copy of this appeal and the ensuing determination to the Committee on Open Government.
Please feel free to call or email us with questions, and thank you again for your help.

1 Per our conversation, the Town of Morris mailed a response to our request on August 29, 2013. Unfortunately, we
never received that mailed response. On information and belief, that miscommunication was not the result of the
error of any party to this letter. The Advocates for Morris received the Town’s response only through in-person
delivery on September 12, 2013. The Advocates scanned and electronically mailed that response to NRDC that same
day. NRDC confirmed that the document received was a fair and accurate copy of the Town’s response in our
conversation on September 24, 2013.

2 The term “records” is defined as it was in our August 22, 2013 request. “Records” includes any and all information
as defined in Public Officers Law § 86(4). The term also includes letters, emails, recorded phone conversations,
records of the existence of phone calls, minutes of meetings, statistical or factual tabulations or data, instructions to
staff that affect the public, and final policy determinations.
3 The matters outlined in our August 22, 2013 request were: “The sale or leasing of Town of Morris land for the
extraction, production, storage, or transportation of natural gas; The zoning or re-zoning of Town of Morris land for
the extraction, production, storage, or transportation of natural gas; Potential natural gas extraction, production,
storage, or transportation within the Town of Morris generally; or The current statewide moratorium on high volume
hydraulic fracturing in New York.”


Jon Krois
Natural Resources Defense Council
40 West 20th Street, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10011
T: (212) 727-2700

Advocates for Morris
PO Box 177
Morris, NY 13808
T: (607) 263-5600