Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Binghamton Rally Speakers August 23, 2013

Video by Cris McConkey. A rally against hydrofracking was held August 23, 2013 just prior to President Obama arrival at Binghamton University. Speakers include: Wes Gillingham, Catskill Mountain Keeper; Isaac Silberman-Gorn, Citizen Action of New York; Rema Loeb, NYRAD; Walter Hang, Toxics Targetting; Sandra Steingraber, Physicians, Scientists and Engineers for Safe Energy; Julia Walsh, Frack Action; Alex Beauchamp, Food and Water Watch; Ben Perkus, NYRAD; Howard Hannam, Stop the Constitution Pipeline. This video is part of a playlist.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fracking Protests in Binghamton

Fracking Protests

Protestors lined the streets waiting for Obama's motorcade to drive by to catch his attention and express their concerns about fracking.

Many said they believe the president did see them when his bus passed by.

"I saw the President standing in front of the bus, where you would get out of the front and he turned and looked out at our group and it was interesting because he's the President," said Bill Irwin of Endwell.

Protestors say there's proof that fracking is bad for the environment and people's health and they want Obama to ban fracking.

"We're very concerned fracking represents a public health menace because all the chemicals that are used. The EPA we know is concerned about that, they opened three different investigations but when they found signs of harm they immediately backed off. Our second message to the President is to reopen those investigations," said Sandra Steingraber
New Yorkers Against Fracking, Founder.

Meanwhile many pro-frackers gathered  at Ostiningo Park asking the President to call on Governor Cuomo to allow fracking throughout the state.

"It's high time that we've done it. We missed probably a four billion dollar bubble by not having it here. We need the jobs we need the economy," said  Clifford Crouch the Assemblyman for 122nd District.

The president said in the town hall meeting that natural gas drilling 
helps significantly lower the cost of oil and reduce the damage of coal to the environment but he said research needs to be continued to increase use of green energy.

The President has expressed support for natural gas development, most notably in his 2012 State of the Union Address.

--In Vestal, Natalie Rubino, Fox 40HD News--