Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fracking Ban Is the Only Acceptable Outcome

Statewide Grass-Roots Leaders Meet:
Agree a Fracking Ban Is the Only Acceptable Outcome

Nearly 70 grass-roots activist leaders from around New York State met in
Binghamton on Saturday, April 16, to confer on ways to institute a statewide
ban on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. That polluting and energy-intensive method of extracting "natural'' gas has been causing water pollution and health problems in other states where it has taken place.

The training/conference heard from lawyers, veteran electoral organizers, entrepreneurs, faith leaders, and experienced local organizers that have developed support for local laws to ban the practice. Participants examined ways to institute a ban on hydrofracking, rather than following the usual regulatory route of mitigating harm after it happens.

Among the initiatives discussed were efforts to ban fracking by local towns
through land use and zoning or other local ordinances. Such efforts are
underway in towns in Otsego, Sullivan, and Tompkins Counties.

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