Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Will this be the news from Morris in the future? And what about exporting our natural gas to China?

Dallas-Fort Worth's ozone season has started

Posted Sunday, Jun. 12, 2011

....Dallas-Fort Worth's ozone season has started.The first violation of ozone standards has come early this season. There's a lot of hot weather ahead. That heat takes two components of bad air, oxides of nitrogen and volatile organic compounds, and bakes them to produce ozone.

Twenty monitoring sites across the region keep track of ozone. The ones that most often have exceeded the federal standard in recent years are north and northwest of Fort Worth, specifically the Eagle Mountain and Keller monitors. That's where the dominant winds blow the bad stuff that comes from sources across the region.

That's also where much of the Barnett Shale natural gas drilling has taken place in recent years.


Worst Drought in More Than a Century Strikes Texas Oil Boom

Monday, June 13, 2011

The water crisis in Texas, the biggest oil- and gas- producing state in the U.S., highlights a continuing debate in North America and Europe over the impact on water supplies of a production technique called hydraulic fracturing. Environmental groups are concerned the so-called fracking method may pose a contamination threat, while farmers in arid regions like south Texas face growing competition for scarce water.


China Completes Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines

It will be China's first natural gas pipeline to transmit gas from a foreign country.

Experts said the project will improve China's energy consumption structure by increasing natural gas use.


Tanker-Truck Accident Backs Up Traffic on Interstate 79

Posted Sunday, June 12, 2011 ; 06:51 PM
Updated Monday, June 13, 2011; 10:38 AM

A tanker-truck hauling brine water was traveling south bound when it lost control and flipped on its side.


Spill Halts Drilling at Doddridge County Well

Last Updated on Monday, 13 June 2011 22:46

An oil spill in Doddridge County has prompted the Department of Environmental Protection to issue a Cease Operations Order to a Ritchie County oil and natural gas drilling company.

According to a press release from the DEP's Office of Oil And Gas, the spill happened last week at the Swiger 1 well pad in the England's Run area.

Apparently crude oil overflowed from a central storage tank operated by Hall Drilling and into England's run.

The tanks are used to temporarily store wastewater and oil from drill sites.

Hall Drilling was cited for causing the tank to overflow, failing to have appropriate containment or diversionary structures and for allowing pollutants to flow into England's Run.

The company was able to contain the spill further downstream and nearby water intakes were also notified of the spill.


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