Monday, February 11, 2013


Frackin’ Andy. Cuomo Gets Sued

Cuomo’s DEC, has done a pretty sorry job impersonating an environmental agency when it comes to fracking.  Hiding health studies.  Covering up draft regulations that the frackers did not approve of. Just generally behaving like he’d been bought. So now it’s time to pay the piper – and get sued. First ones to the court house looks like it will be Team Slottje. Imagine that. Why wait ? Beat the Valentine’s Day rush. Support Team Slottje.
Cuomo Refuses to Release Science that Proposed Frack Regulations are Premised Upon
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As the DEC  and Governor Cuomo contemplate their next step in the ongoing sham of a fracking review process, the DEC continues to refuse to release the scientific reports that the proposed high volume horizontal fracking regulations are required to be premised upon. Under New York law, the DEC must release within thirty days after being asked all scientific studies that are used as the basis for a proposed rule. On this past January 11th, we requested copies of all reports that formed the basis for the proposed fracking regulations.The DEC had until today, February 11th, to respond, and has failed to. Today CEDC sent a letter to the DEC demanding that the records be made available immediately and put the DEC on notice that if it fails to respond that we will bring a suit to compel production of the reports and to stop the proposed regulations from being enacted.Read the letter here: CEDC Letter to DEC

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