Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Message from Zephyr Teachout

November 5, 2014
Friend --
Like many of you, I'm disappointed that the New York State Senate is now firmly in the hands of Republicans in this big-hearted, egalitarian, Democratic State. And like many of you, I’m disappointed that Andrew Cuomo refused to help Senate Democrats, and has shown every indication that he plans to continue implementing his big-donor agenda. We have our work cut out for us.
And the national news that Democrats lost--well, that's a sign we need to return to our core progressive values with Elizabeth Warren-style populism if we're going to win, not a set of manufactured milquetoast messages with no real ideas behind them. People feel powerless--we should address that honestly and directly, and take on the monopolists that are rigging the system. We need a trust-busting, pro-public school, clean energy Democratic Party that is unafraid to speak the truth and refuses the trickle-down ideology. So let’s keep up the fight.
This is the statement that we put out last night, on receiving news of the election results:
We will fight for the best public schools in the country. We will fight for an economy grounded in the health of our small businesses. We will fight to be a welcoming state for immigrants. We will fight to ban fracking and build a clean energy future. And we will fight to restore our democracy with public elections and end the corrupt influence of wealthy interests.
Because we don’t want to be the most unequal state in America any longer — whether Andrew Cuomo is governor or not.
Even though Governor Cuomo and the Republicans may have control in Albany this term, we still own our dreams of a populist progressive Democratic state. And we will continue to broadcast that vision loudly. No matter who is in office, I'll keep fighting. Will you?


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