Friday, July 22, 2011

Candidates Against Drilling

Anti-fracking Candidates for Otsego County

County Board of Representatives:

District 2 - Butternuts, Morris, Pittsfield
Teresa Winchester
465 Chicken Farm Rd.
Otego, NY 13825
(607) 441-0435
Otsego County Representative (incumbent opponent James Powers)
Make checks payable to Friends of Teresa Winchester

District 4 - Town of Oneonta
Richard Murphy
35 Ceperley Ave
Oneonta, NY 13820
Otsego County Representative (incumbent)
Make checks payable to Friends of Rich Murphy.

District 5 - Towns of New Lisbon, Hartwick, Milford
Barbara Monroe
319 Bliss Gulf Rd.
Oneonta, N.Y. 13820
Otsego County Representative (open seat)
Make checks payable to Friends of Barbara Monroe

District 7 - Middlefield, Roseboom, Cherry Valley
Beth Rosenthal
500 County Hwy 50
Cherry Valley NY 13320
Otsego County Reprensentative (open seat)
Make checks payable to Beth Rosenthal; add memo: campaign 2011

District 8 - Town of Otsego
John Kosmer
179 Day Rd
Fly Creek, NY 13337
607 547 2344
Otsego County Representative (incombent opponent: James Johnson)
Make checks payable to: John Kosmer

Candidates running for town offices:

Town of Milford, Town Supervisor
Chris Harmon
47 Sunset Blvd.
Oneonta, NY 13820
Checks can be made to Friends of Chris Harmon

Town of Otsego, Town Board
Bennett Sandler
PO Box 179
Fly Creek, NY 13337
Make checks payable to Friends of Bennett Sandler

Other anti-fracking candidates running for town offices :

Town of Morris, Supervisor
Marilyn Roveland

Town of Otsego, Town Board

Julie Huntsman
2151 County Highway 26
Fly Creek, NY 13337
Make checks payable to Julie Huntsman; add memo: campaign support

Town Supervisor, Town of Westford
Steve Zerby
PO Box 7
Westford, NY 13488
Make checks payable to Steve Zerby

More anti-fracking candidates
running for various town offices, but they are also endorsed by

Town of Butternuts: Michele Farwell, Heather Covington, Mark Harvey
Town of Hartwick: Keith Parr
Town of Milford: Marcia Membrino
Town of Morris: Bob Thomas, Dawn Sieck
Town of Plainfield: Alanna Rose
Town of New Lisbon: Bob Eklund
Town of Westford: Steve Hatfield, Karen Wyckoff
Town of Unadilla: Ed Gross

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