Monday, July 25, 2011

Imagine fracking the Otsego County Fair

Here's a satellite view of the fairgrounds as seen on

Put a fracking pad on the fair grounds - like the one on the shore of Beaver Run Reservoir in Pennsylvania. A few buildings would have to go -- actually all of them.

Of course you will won't get much gas unless you do that high volume hydrofracking with well bores going out in 8 directions from the well pad. Where would approximately 4,000 foot horizontal runs take you? The scale of the map had to be changed to show this. The possible drilling path is shown in red.

Here's a satellite view of the fairgrounds as seen on

Now you won't get very much gas out of these wells unless you frack them. Let's say 8 million gallons per frack times 8 wells. 8 x 8 million = 64 million gallons. That's about 161 acres covered with water one foot deep. Of course it is not just water that is used for fracking. A number of chemicals some named and some not named are mixed with the water along with some sand before fracking.

Is this scenario even imaginable?

Well if you live in the New York City or City of Syracuse watershed you don't need to lose any sleep over it because the NY DEC has you covered. If you live outside of that area then the best chance you have is to get your town board to adopt some land use regulations that will keep out heavy industry, including high volume slick water horizontally hydrofracking.

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  1. This certainly is food for thought--and not beyond the realm of possibility! Having already seen countless photos of drill rigs and compressor stations adjacent to cemeteries, schools and private homes elsewhere in the US, why should we assume that Morris might be protected from this invasive industry?